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Transport Industry




We are witnessing major changes in market expectations, where the emotional component is increasingly important. Conventional production technologies are based on expensive tools that are not able to product unique, one-time production runs at competitive prices. OS3D allows economical production of specialized components directly for limited-series production vehicles.


The aircraft industry is a demanding sector with infinite applications for OS3D in all its aspects: commercial and military aircraft, space applications, drones, subsystems, prototypes, mock-ups, etc. One of its main benefits lies in weight reductions. OS3D opens new door to produce structurally improved components, lighter, optimized design, that can be manufactured everywhere with minimum economic and ecological impact.



Railway industry

The rail industry is an area experiencing renewed innovation and research requiring strong remodelling of supply chains and operations management. OS3D significantly reduces production times, eliminates inventor over-stocking and supply chain complexity, and improves costs of production, transportation.


OS3D technologies represent a quantum leap in an area where the quality of the components is mission-critical. Applications in the aerospace sector are very highly varied and specialized 3D printing provides a rapid and reliable way to reduce weight of required materials and therefore promises much needed cost reductions.




The shipbuilding sector, beset by fierce global competition, is constantly in need of new ways to reduce and contain costs, which is precisely where we can make a crucial difference. OS3D offers better process optimization and profitability, while reducing runtimes and higher efficiency and sustainable energy usage.

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