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3D printing technology is considered the forerunner of the Third Industrial Revolution. Thanks to digital manufacturing, the possibilities are endless in this sector. OS3D reduces the construction costs of new buildings, repair and rehabilitations of existing facilitates, in addition to offering endless possibilities for customization of components that go into buildings, homes and factories.

Ephemeral architecture

OS3D offer a reduction of production costs in all the constructions created for ephemeral use as applied to expositions and trade shows. OS3D offers to significantly reduce waste generated through the use of recycled materials and optimization manufacturing processes.

stand feria

Arquitectura emergencia

Emergency Architecture

OS3D printing technologies offer an excellent solution to governments, organizations and others entities needing immediate and medium-term responses to natural disaster and other emergency situations. In these sorts of situations where immediate construction is of absolute necessity, OS3D offers immediately available material solutions that economically manageable and environmentally friendly.

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