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OS3D Applications




Current industrial demand require innovations that existing engineering designs are not able to overcome. OS3D represents a new standard offering improvements in production costs, and savings in tooling, energy efficiency and optimization of vehicle weight. Another benefit is freedom of design and size, overcoming current limitations in terms of components, which must always be a balance between functionality and viability.


Architecture and technology are strongly linked. OS3D is set to revolutionize the production process with the creation of non-structural self-supporting structures with minimum weight and eliminating existing barriers in design, offering the ability to create any geometric form. Not only does it translate into improved aesthetics, saving time and materials, it also can be used in emergency situations, such as naturals disasters.




There is no doubt that 3D printing technology has the greatest potential to revolutionize the industrial and consumer market. OS3D offers unlimited opportunities to create products tailored for individual needs with lower processing times, saving material costs and reducing CO2 consumption by up to 65%.


OS3D provides to this solution where production deadlines are mission-critical. OS3D technology offers arms manufactures the freedom to design and elaborate parts in real-time, creating tools without additional costs in low production volumes, or creating complex and accurate prototypes.


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